About us

Johannie Lefebvre is the founder and owner of Bouquet Spa Esthétique. Since its opening, she has worked passionately and has gradually developed a sound enterprise from the ground up. Thanks to her constant dedication and business vision, her dream has become a reality which she wants to share with you.

With over 30 years of expertise as an esthetician, she has mastered different way of making a difference. Her professionalism, pleasant mannerisms, warm personality and enthusiasm are highly appreciated by her clients. These personality traits have been an asset in increasing her clientele throughout the years. Her contagious joy of living combined with her listening skills will leave you with an enhanced look at life.

Pampering her clients and making them feel important are her number one priority.

“Youth is about staying active and healthy” as Johannie says. She is always willing to help and very dedicated to her friends and family. She is a very active woman who enjoys many sports but also takes time to relax. She lives her life to the fullest.

“Experience the balance…Experience Bouquet Spa Esthétique”