Body treatments

Body Massage

Massage induces an important relaxation, emotional, as well as physical. But the effects of massage are much larger. It stimulates the circulation and reduces discomfort caused by stress and overworked. Moreover, it helps a person to be more centered.
1 hour session: $85
1 1/2 hour session:  $110

Body Scrubs

Body scrubs are designed for the removal of dead skin. It consists of gently brushing the skin with a suitable brush. It is then followed by applying sea salt and massaging with essential oils. This will replenish your skin and leave you with a great sensation that will revive your body.

Body Wrap

Body wrapping consists of applying a solution containing seaweed, clays or mud then wrapping with fine plastic film and a cover to retain the heat. The heat relaxes, dilates the blood vessels, and facilitates absorption of the therapeutic properties of the product selected.